Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Small Things

       So this morning i woke up and got ready for my trip to Palm Springs and  before we left i remembered to switch out some of the things from my old wallet to my new one. In my wallet i came across this note that i had written earlier on during the school year.
 ~ ( Math Class ) So today i woke up, got ready and realized that my packet was due today ... so i stressed out and told my mom and dad, they let me stay home so i could finish it which took from 6:30-9:40,  man that was alot of work. at one point i lost a paper that i did , looked evvveerrywhere for it , re-did it, then found it right in front of where i looked the first time lol it was extremely frustrating at the time. then i found out that Robin ( the head cheer coach) was going to be at the game today instead of my mom ( the freshman coach) ... so that was stressful because Carson has my pompoms . then on my way to school Muv&Papa were talking , which was bugging me, and my wrist was killing me... so i blocked out all the noise and tryed to talk to Him and ask Him to give me Patience, faith, and initiative.After that Muv was talking about how when my Aunt Peggy had cancer, money was tight and she didn't want to pay for these pictures... but the photographer told her that she knew that she was going through a rough time but in the future she would be more happy if she took the pictures because she could have those memories; so she took the pictures, even though at the time she didn't understand, then later she understood and now she is soooo happy she did. This made me think of how yesterday i was saying that i wanted to be home schooled really badly...but i didn't know if i was just sad and afraid or ... What ??? so i got out of the car and said something i guess kinda mean and before i said I'm sorry my mom freaked out and said that i needed to straighten out. so i told her that i had realized  that and that i was realllly was trying not to be so B****y and she said it was okay, so then we waited outside of the office waiting for my tears to go away, and then Austin Miller and his dad (who was wearing a donkey costume) came out of the door ... there was a very awkward silence (probably cuz they cud see my tears)... then Mr.Miller laughed and said  "I bet your wondering why I'm dressed up like an ass." haha it was so funny... then, still with tears in my eyes, we walked in ... my mom told the attendance lady that i was sick and then the lady saw my tears and asked if i had had any medicine and i said yes i took a migraine relief earlier (which was for my wrist pain) and i felt kinda bad cuz i kinda lied but my mom went along with it. so then i was on my way to my 4th period(P.E.) when i got there we were playing volleyball, which was very*now at home - end of day *) So then my momma came into the class because she remembered that she had to sign one of my papers  that i wasn't even going to turn in (since the class the packet was due in was 3rd period ) and everyone was like was that ur mom? haha then i had math, which was good, i had a long lunch most of it spent with Mrs.t and 10mins with friends , then i had art , then cheer. I ended up getting my poms back, Julia ( my BFF) had to wear 2 sizes to small of shoes for the game... now I'm home and the theme of the day is what my dad said to me randomly this morning...
    "There are 2 rules in life...
              #1 Don't sweat the small stuff.
                                                                  #2 Everything is a small thing ~

  So i thought this was a pretty funny note, especially since i didn't remember half of the stuff that happened . so i guess the thing my dad said , the 2 rules , really was true .... because if they were BIG things then i probably would've remembered them haha ... u gotta love it :)

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  1. aww poor Savannah :) tht seems like a rough day..but with a great ending...i love the 2 rules and its a great reminder