Thursday, July 28, 2011

11 hours ...and Counting ;)

i love u very much and im thinking u love me too considering we have been on skype with eachother for 11 hours now ... man that is a really long time haha lets break it down: for at least 4 hrs i was cleaning (which included me ripping my shorts) then we called our cousin on skype and he was "bored" half the time ... and he helped us set up the blog :) ... then u almost were eaten alive by an evil fly thing and you were screaming like a crazy person ... then matt fell asleep on us ... i got very frusterated with skype's extras .... then i was supossed to go to sleep ... then i attempted to post a comment atleast 20 times  and i got realllllly frustrated with that as well ... so now we have established that my dang eeePC hates me (*eeepc.g.d.i.a.h.) ;)  now we r still talking and i feel like we should hang up because i am tired but i really dont want to because i fear i will be lonely :( all i will have are my stupid glow-in-the-dark stars :/..... and i also really need to finish my laundry ... currently you are reading a book out loud for me to hear ... i cant really understand you but i dont want to stop because i love hearing your voice :P <-- lol haha ANYWAYS cousin I <3 YOU 
          P.S. you are my fafret cousin :P

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  1. [3:26:03 AM] Savannah Moore: I THINK ITS TIME TO BE LONELY ? CIRCLE ONE: YES or NO