Monday, August 8, 2011

Knotts/Laguna Beach Trip


My Family Pic :)

 so my sister , Calilee, came to visit from Georgia … and we wanted to do something fun/nice for her while she was here…. So we left at 6:00 and got there at 12:00 looking at looking for a hotel stayed in one wit straight access to the beach the service was  very nice but the hotel was kind of  crapy lol the beds were EXTREMELY squeaky haha … so we ate at BJs ,a brewhouse and pizza place, and we had a Disappointing  waiter …then we went to the beach … it was soooo pretty :) we boggie boarded and attempted to skim  Board then we went to our private beach for people who were staying in those hotels and did a  whole lot more falling.. I mean skim boarding :) my dad, sis  and I played Frisbee . My dad attempted the whole skim board thing …haha  we got it on video. That night we went to a restaurant called The Rockin' Fish … it was delicious !! !then we went back to the

My Favorite ride at Knotts :) notice im loving it while
my sister and dad are in pain ;) haha

 hotel and I fell asleep to this show my mom was watching on the 11 yr old opera  singer haha idk her name . We woke up and checked out  we went to Dennys for breakfast and then went to Knotts Berry Farm.. we disappointingly did not get the discount we had planned on for our tickets …  we rode some rides and everyone got sick .. Except me :(…we ate at panda express for lunch and then we got an old timey picture done … rode more rides … got a funnel cake :P …then for our last ride I FINNAL got to ride my favorite … GhostRider :) it was dark so it was lit up all pretty :) it was sooooo much fun and worth the hour wait haha and the amazing picture we got from the ride haha its hysterical  …then I bought a new sweatshirt and we left …. We ate at In-and-Out Burger and we drove home …. We got home at 1:00  then went to sleep … it was such a amazing trip :)
P.S. sorry bout the gray stripe at bottom of the 2nd pic, idk how it got like that :/